Period Pictures was founded in 2007 by actor Ian Eugene Ryan. It is a progressive independent film, television and publishing company based in Venice, California. Established as a collective, its professionals and partners share a passion to bring timeless, compelling and provocative stories to life through entertainment media. We champion the unheard and unknown, voices, texts, imagery and moving accounts of the ages. Driven by an international audience, to critical acclaim and commercial success, much of our inspiration is drawn from unique source materials of historical basis, legend, myth and imagination. The unearthed landscape of our times, people and the evolving human experience.

From Academy Award winners to young break out talent, Period Pictures thrives on its breath of collaboration, to push the industry and public reception to profound growth and new directions. Ultimately, through this process of production, Period Pictures is dedicated to uphold the integrity and artistry of all projects, from development, to release and final distribution.